Below Are The Step By Step Course Videos

Step One: Create Your Log In With The Wix Website Platform

*note you do Not have to upgrade your plan with Wix or pay them a monthly fee.

You also do not have to purchase a Domain Name

Step Two: Watch Course Videos Below (videos will show you how to "duplicate" & "transfer" ownership of website )

Step Three: Resell To As Many People For Whatever Amount You Want

Simple Side Hustle


Course Videos Shows You Step By Step How To "Resell" The Same Website Template Design Continuously To As Many People As You Want

Resell Premade Dropshipping Website Course Videos

Video One:

Step 1: login to your Wix dashboard

Step 2: duplicate website from Wix dashboard

Step 3: click site actions

Step 4: click duplicate site

Step 5: name duplicate website

Video Two:

Step 1: log back onto your Wix dashboard

Step 2: you will see two or more websites listed on your Wix dashboard

Step 3: locate new website you just duplicated

Step 4: click site actions

Step 5: click duplicate site

Step 6: name duplicate website (this is the website you will "transfer" to your customers)

Step 7: click "site actions on new duplicated website

Step 8: click "transfer site"

Step 9: enter your customer's "email address"

Step 10: click "next"

Step 11: click "transfer ownership"

If You Need Additional Help You Can Schedule A One On One Session